Lobster Fest

St. Ann’s Locally-Famous 34th Annual Lobster Fest 2018 will be Saturday, October 20, 2018.

Ordering Deadline will be Monday, October 15, 2018. 

“Helping Others – One Bite at a Time.” 

We offer a-la-carte TAKE-OUT Lobsters and Allen Brothers Steaks. The lobsters are cooked by our experienced team, or you may take them live, your choice. The steaks are fresh-cut the day before, individually wrapped and never frozen. All items must be pre-ordered and pre-paid by the deadline. Please bring your own containers for LIVE lobsters.


CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD THE ORDER FORM and MAIL or DROP OFF your Order Form, with check payable to St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, at 503 W. Jackson St., Woodstock, IL, or email a copy of your Order Form to lobsterfest@stannswoodstock.org.

Our co-leaders for this event are Vincent Castillo and Karen Kerbyson.  Contact Vincent or Karen at St. Ann’s Office, 815-338-0950, or email lobsterfest@stannswoodstock.org.

Fresh Main15-Lobstere Lobsters – arrive from catch to our pots within hours.  (Approx. 1.33 Pounds Each) $22 each, or $20 each if your order 10 or more lobsters.

We also offer a delicious steak option–not just any steak, but the finest steaks redAllen Brothers USDA Prime 6-oz Filet Mignon ($18) and the Allen Brothers USDA Prime 8-oz Ribeye ($16).

PICKUP TIME: Select your pickup time for October 20th when you place your order:

Live Lobsters 2-4 pm; Cooked Lobsters 4-6:30 pm; Steaks 2-6:30pm. Then, bring your receipt on pickup day, arrive during your chosen pickup time, and St. Ann’s will do the rest. Please bring your own containers for live lobsters.

CLICK HERE to ORDER ONLINE. Gifting of lobsters is also an option. Please call the office for details.

Lobster Fest 2015 VolunteersLobster Fest 2015 Volunteers 2