Children are welcome at all worship services. Even small children absorb a lot of what goes on in the liturgy if they have something to occupy them quietly during the boring parts! If an infant or toddler cries or makes a disturbance, don’t be embarrassed – just remove the child from the service and return when he or she has calmed down.

There are various opportunities for children and youth to become involved at St. Ann’s: Sunday School, Acolytes, Confirmation Preparation, Communion Class, to name a few.

Children and Communion at St. Ann’s: All baptized persons are invited to receive Communion at St. Ann’s, and that includes children of all ages. The decision about whether to allow a child to receive is left to the parents, and it is the parents’ example of reverence that is ultimately the child’s best teacher, although first Communion instruction is offered periodically, and the rector is always happy to offer individual instruction by appointment. Even if you do not wish your child to receive at this time, you may bring him or her to the altar for a blessing. The signal for not receiving is to cross the arms over the chest; for younger children, you may indicate your wishes to the person administering Communion.

Acolytes: Children and youth from grade 4 and up can become torch bearers, crucifers and servers. There are regular training sessions and fun social events, and the young people assist with Sunday and some weekday liturgies.

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