The mission of the music ministry at St. Ann’s is to bring meaningful music to the worshiping life of the congregation, through the singers and instrumentalists of the parish. It is difficult to imagine our parish life or our worship without the choir and the other talented musicians who gift their music to us.

Rehearsals tend to be on Thursday evenings, at 7:30 pm. We welcome new voices to the Choir. For additional information about joining, e-mail Terree Emrich at music@stannswoodstock•org – or talk to her after the service.

The choir celebrated another year of meaningful involvement in the spiritual life of the community at St. Ann’s.

Repertoire sung included works by the following composers: Hallock, Willan, Hayes,Niles, Kingsmore, Berger, Bender, Beck, Michael Haydn, Tallis, Forrest, Yarrington, Leavit, Althouse, Bach, Gaither, Handel, Stefani, Opitz/issac, Young,Niles, Gevaert, and Woodward/Willcocks.

Many thanks to all the dedicated choir members.  We always welcome new members.


#3 – Rehearsals are stimulating 

#2 Rehearsals are highly disciplined and fun!

And the NUMBER ONE reason you should join the choir is: