St. Ann’s Episcopal Church Barbara Scibetta Memorial Scholarship 2016

Barbara Scibetta Scholarship Recipients 2016 WHS

Pictured: Left-to-Right: Adrianna Goers, scholarship winner; Alondra Flores, scholarship winner; Terri Sibetta (Barbara Scibetta’s sister, presenting awards); Kayla Mulvihill, scholarship winner

The scholarships awarded in 2016 totaled $5,300, donated by Barbara’s husband, Scott Offord and friends. St. Ann’s Episcopal Church is pleased to announce the 2016 Scholarship Recipients: Alondra Flores, Adrianna Goers, Rachel Mallow, Kayla Mulvihill, and Maria Sanchez. These five Woodstock high school students, who had demonstrated motivation to improve their lives through education, be it community college or trade school, will receive $1,060 each. The awards were presented April 28th at Woodstock High School at 9:00am, and at Woodstock North at 1:30pm, by The Rev. Patricia Conley, St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, and Terri Scibetta, Barbara’s sister. (Not pictured are the award recipients from Woodstock North High School: Rachel Mallow and Maria Sanchez.)

The 2016 Application Criteria:

  • Recipients must be graduating seniors from Woodstock H.S. and Woodstock North H.S.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher (does not require highest marks; all students encouraged to apply)

Barbara Scibetta (pictured below)

Barbara Scibetta valued lBarbara Scibettaearning in her life, and in the lives of others. She was concerned about the high cost of post high school education. Her family and the good people of St Ann’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Illinois, have established the St. Ann’s Episcopal Church Barbara Scibetta Scholarship fund. This fund is intended to help students like her who may not be part of the academic elite but are motivated to pursue an education that will help them enrich their lives and become self-sufficient members of society. Barbara’s father, Norman Scibetta, was an Elgin educator who knew that a university education was not for everyone. He was instrumental in organizing the cooperative education program in Elgin High School District U-46. This scholarship was awarded to students who had demonstrated motivation to improve their lives through education, be it community college or trade school.