Third Sunday Sack Lunches – December 17, 2017, During Coffee Hour (approx. 11:15am) – Our New Ministry to Feed the Homeless

We will be making 25 sack lunches on December 17, 2017 (the third Sunday), during coffee hour (approx. 11:15am).  Please remember to have your donations in church prior to 10am on Sunday, December 17th, 2017.  A new list for the January 21st donations will soon be posted in the parish hall.

Each lunch will include two ham sandwiches, two hardboiled eggs, chips, a cookie, fresh fruit, some candy, water or juice, some condiments, and a recycled plastic store bag. Every child & adult in our congregation can help assemble the lunches during coffee hour. This will be a lot of FUN, a great fellowship opportunity, and makes a few people’s day a little bit better. The lunches will be delivered to the people at the Campground PADS site right after they are made on Sunday. If you have questions about our new ministry, please contact Jay Needleman, at St. Ann’s, 815-338-0950, or talk to him in church.