About Us

There is no such thing as an outsider or stranger – Honestly, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Our communion table and our hearts are open. At St. Ann’s we worship, pray, and work among friends. Here we find inspiration and nourishment for life’s journey, and companions on the way. We invite you to journey with us, no matter where you are in your spiritual life–searcher, churchgoer, or just a person trying to figure out who Jesus is–we welcome you.

Where tradition meets real life – We are proudly rooted in the ancient Anglican tradition–but neither our faith nor our practices are stagnant. We move to an ancient cadence of worship, fellowship, prayer, and ministry that leads us to new places of love and service to our community and the world.

Today is an exciting time to be Episcopalian. We have a renewed commitment to feeding the hungry and clothing the naked–standing up for equal rights and radical hospitality–worshiping and following the way of Christ in the world. This is a remarkably flexible and open tradition, a poetic spiritual path that encourages questioning and allows for considerable room to breathe.

This is a place where human beings are welcome, foibles and all. We ask no one to censor their intellect, to silence their questions, or to deny their doubts. God meets us as we are. Many say that St. Ann’s is a thin place–where the divide between us and God is always permeable. Come see for yourself.

Don’t miss these videos, for more information – Some talented and articulate individuals have created delightfully informative videos. For adults and youth: don’t miss the Rev. Chris Yaw’s Jesus Was An Episcopalian. It a set of short videos that get fairly specific about beliefs and practices in the Episcopal Church. And, for youth and children: don’t miss the Father Matthew Presents series, produced by the Rev. Matthew Moretz.

The bigger picture –  There are many Episcopalians–some like us, and others different from us. Here is a link that shows how Episcopalians of all flavors talk about  being Episcopalian:  I am Episcopalian.

We are also proud to be part of a much larger family of faith, in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, the national Episcopal Church, and the world-wide Anglican Communion.  As the Episcopal Church in the United States, our origins lie in the Church of England.  As a part of the Anglican Communion we are loosely connected with more than 80 million Christians throughout the world.